Z Axis Anti-Backlash

My version for a Z Axis Anti-Backlash; by Texas_Left.jpg Kendall Texas_Right.jpg

Download (2) Parts ((all packages are .zipped) .stl files (or) if you use 'Repetier-Host', choose the .gcode files (they are pre-tuned for exact fits):

Supplies Needed:

  • Standard 5/16-18 Hex Nut
  • The (2) Printed Parts

Step 1

  • Download & Print the (2) Parts; Inner/Outer.
    • Check the parts for fit.
      • Try your 5/16-18 Nut into the Inner to assuring it fits snug when it bottoms out.
        • If it does not, check for any bumps or strings and remove them.
      • Start the Inner into the Outer (no more than 3mm), it should start easily, and progressively get tighter.
        • If it does not, check for any bumps or strings and remove.


  • Put one hand under the bed and one hand on top, near the Z Axis Guide Pins, push lightly up and down. Feel the backlash? Push down to remove the backlash.
  • Screw the 5/16-18 Nut on the Z Axis Threaded rod down to Solidoodles Baring Housing, snug it lightly, then release a little, re-tighten just till you feel it just touches.
    • Remember Solidoodle uses a lot of plywood parts, be gentle.

Step 2


  • Slide your printed Inner over the Threaded Rod, and push it gently over the 5/16 Nut. You will know it's on all the way if it is visually setting square and is almost touching Solidoode's Retainer Nuts.

Step 3


  • Slide the Outer down over the Threaded Rod, aligning the Arrow (printed on the top) forward, and start it on the Inner, aligning the slots with Solidoodles Retainer Nuts. Gently force it on until it starts getting tight (about 3-4 mm). Now remove the (2) parts together, and finish pushing the Inner into the Outer.
    • It's a tight fit, but doesn't break.

Step 4


  • Slide your new assembly back over the Threaded Rod, point the Printed Arrow forward. It should just find your Hex Nut location and Solidoodle's (4) Nuts (we're using to keep it located), and slide on without forcing.
    • No Gluing is necessary. I have made (20) prints since installing my first one, and it has never tried to move, printed these parts (5) different times, and each has worked as the others. I do use LIFT, so it's trying to back-up several times each layer…

If your first prints didn't come out looking nice, print a new set with the first set installed, they will come out without banding, a better fit, and looking good…

Enjoy and Happy Printing!

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