Work Area Tips

A well thought out work area can help make printing safe and successful while helping to keep your machine in top form.

Ian's Work Space Tour

Filament Storage

It is important to keep filament moisture free. Placing it in a storage bin is a good start, but adding a desiccant (like packets of silica gel) or a dehumidifying rod are good ideas as well.

Miscellaneous Tools

  • Metrix Allen Wrench Set - For adjusting z-axis and hot head dissassembly
  • Screwdriver - For Case removal
  • Digital Calipers - Measuring filament and print width
  • Paint Scraper - Assist with removing prints from bed
  • Long Tweezers
  • Snippers/Small scissors - Trimming filament from extruder
  • Exacto/Thin Utility Knife - Quick way to trim up prints
  • Sandpaper/File Set - finishing/smooting of prints
  • Tiny vacuum - Don't leave a mess!
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