These tutorials will cover aspects of Solidoodle use that are not covered in the Solidoodle main website.

Beginning your 3D printing Journey
Overview of Solidoodle models / new Mobo vs. old mobo

Getting Started
Installing Drivers
Solidoodle On Linux
How to connect
Installing filament
Slicing with Slic3r
Slicing with Skeinforge
Getting Prints To Stick To The Build Platform
Avoiding Warping
Setting Infill Ratios
Using Support Structures
Spool Mount Set-Up
Solidoodle Specs (how fast is it, relative performance of each part etc...)
Creating ABS Glue
cost of filament per printed model
Cost and Speed of each infill pattern
Accuracy metrics (X, Y, Z)
Material properties of PLA vs. ABS (link to / copy the mat web information()

Software Specific
How to Update Your Firmware
Changing EEPROM settings (Manually, and via the EEPROM menu)
Common Software Connection issues
Editing Your Start Gcode
Should I Update My Firmware?

Advanced Use:
Designing Multi-Part prints
0.1mm Printing
Speed Printing
Finishing Techniques
Spool Mount Design
Kapton Installation
Using PLA
CAD basics
Cookie Cutter
Calculating Filament use

Z-Tab Adjustment
Belt Adjustment
First Layers - Setting the Z offset
Leveling the Print Bed
Extruder Calibration
Flow Rate Calibration
Y-Axis Alignment & Belt Tightening

Motherboard Replacement
ATMega Chip Replacement
Hot End Replacement
Nozzle Replacement
Belt Adjustment
Unclogging Procedures
Rail Replacement
X/Y Replacement
Acrlyic Extruder Assembly
Fan Troubleshooting
Extruder Replacement
Setting your PID
Cleaning Filament Dust out of your Extruder
Installing fans to combat overheating issues
Solidoodle maintenance procedures
Correcting an M999 Error

Multimeter Testing Your Solidoodle
Diagnosing problems with the Solidoodle Motherboard

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