SS Bed Cover

Investigation for a Stainless Steel Bed Cover; by Texas_Left.jpg Kendall Texas_Right.jpg

I am also Kickstarter supporter in the Makibox A6 Project. The Makibox project started about a year ago with several goals to help the 3d printing community revolutionize the printers design and software interface; based on the complaints from all the other low end 3d printer owners/users. Make it kit style for ease of shipping, but with minimal assembly required, allow users to use ABS Pellets, so not to have to depend on expensive filament, do this in a fashion that would allow the price tag to be below $300 Bucks, and make everything, 'all' open technology. They plan on shipping Phase I (the printer, using spooled filament) by the end of the year, and Phase II (the in-line filament extruder, as an add-on) by the end of the 1 quarter of 2013…

Makibox made it's first prints a couple of weeks ago. As I watched the video, I saw something amazing; they were printing directly on a SS Bed (no glass, no kapton, no hair spray), and the extruded material stuck to the stainless without a problem, every time; and when cooled it back down to about 75°C, the part either popped right off by itself, or just took a little nudge. I was impressed!

5/25/13 - Updates will start again when I can get an updated bed and heating system…

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