Slicing With Slic3r

This tutorial will show you how to slice your 3D model so you can get G-code. A Solidoodle needs G-code in order to tell the extruder what coordinates to print at and a number of other paramiters as well.

Get a 3D File

The first step is to get a 3D file in .stl format. .STL is a simple universal 3D file format that stands for Stereolithography. There are two ways to get a 3D file:

Download one from a site such as, an open-source repository for 3D Designs. Thingiverse has thousands of free designs that you can download and use today. Be sure to download the file with the .stl extension.
Or, make one yourself! It’s easy to design 3D files yourself. If you don’t know how, you can learn today. It’s easy with free software such as Trimble Sketchup or Autodesk 123D. To learn how, check out our guide on How to Create a 3D Part.

Open and Slice the File

Now that we have the file, we can slice it into a format that the Solidoodle will accept. Before you slice, make sure you have the right Slic3r settings.

1. Load the file by pressing the “Load” button in the upper left hand corner.


2. Once the file is loaded, hit the Slicer tab in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

3. Press “Slice with Slic3r” to begin slicing.


4. Once slice has finished, you should be able to move on to the next step.

Solidoodle’s official Repetier host installation for windows comes with all the settings you need calibrated right out of the box. There is no immediate need to alter slicing settings. Please be aware that certain parts will take some time to slice. Generally, slicing time is less than 5 minutes. In some extreme cases, slicing may take up to an hour.

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