Should I Update My Firmware

Generally speaking Solidoodle does not do frequent firmware updates. The Marlin firmware that we use is fairly stable, and there haven't been too many reasons to modify it. However, some users are sometimes confused by the cavalcade of information regarding firmware updates, so let's set the record straight:

  • If you have bought a Solidoodle in the last year, you most likely do not need to update your firmware. New Solidoodles come with up to firmware.
  • If your Solidoodle is over a year old you may need to update your firmware. Send your serial number in to support to check up on this.
  • You will not need to update the firmware to do basic calibration procedures. In earlier versions this was necessary, but many features (such as the extrusion length modifier) are now controlled via the firmware EEPROM menu in Repetier host.
  • If you are looking for extended functionality in terms of LCD screens, SD card readers, or anti-backlash algorithms, you may want to look toward community firmware solutions.

I hope this clears things up, and makes it easy to ascertain whether or not you need an immediate firmware update.

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