Replicator G

Replicator G is open-source software that runs on Windows, Linux and Mac and is commonly used with Prontoface/Skeinforge to check, re-position and scale STL files for use on your Solidoodle . We will not be using this program to output gcode.

Replicator G can easily assist you in centering a STL and puting it on your platform.


It is best to set the correct print platform dimensions in Replicator G to help visualize your build area.

Go to the folder where you have installed Replicator G (On Mac, right click on the Application and choose 'Show Package Contents'), navigate into the folder 'Machines' and open the 'reprap.xml' in a text editor.

Paste the following XML code on a new line after <machines> for a Solidoodle 2:

    <machine experimental="0">
        <geometry type="cartesian">
            <axis id="x" length="150" maxfeedrate="5000" stepspermm="31.496" endstops="min"/>
            <axis id="y" length="150" maxfeedrate="5000" stepspermm="31.496" endstops="min"/>
            <axis id="z" length="150" maxfeedrate="200" stepspermm="1133.858" endstops="min"/>
            <tool name="Stepper-based extruder" type="extruder" material="abs" motor="true" floodcoolant="false" mistcoolant="false" fan="true" valve="false" collet="false" heater="true" stepper_axis="a" motor_steps="1000" heatedplatform="true" />
        <firmware url="???" autoupgrade="false"></firmware>
        <help name="Gcode Help" url=""></help>
        <driver name="reprap5d">
            <waitforstart enabled="false"></waitforstart>

You will also want to check and make sure 'Show experimental machine profiles' is selected in the Replicator G preferences.

Restart Replicator G

From the file menu choose:
Machine > Machine Type (Driver) > Other Bots > Solidoodle 2

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