Printable Fan Mount and Duct

Mounting a fan pointing at your extruder can help cool down layers as they are laid to help prevent blobbing on .1mm prints.

Derived from Ian Johnson's fan duct:

Mount changed to accept magnets and adjustment screw to fine tune mounting angle.

Full installation instructions can be found here.

  1. Print duct and mount. Full credit to Ian Johnson for designing the originals.
  2. Use a vice to push in 1/4 x 1/4 inch magnets.
  3. Use acetone or glue to attach mount to duct.
  4. Drill out hole on mount to accept screw of your choice. Insert screw, cutting a thread in the plastic as you go.
  5. Insert 40mm fan and mount on Solidoodle extruder. Adjust screw to get duct parallel to bed.
  6. Wire up fan and enjoy!
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