Connectors Burning Out on the Print Bed

We recently had a few requests from customers to the tune of:

"My SD3 had been delivering awesome prints until it started smelling hot and print bed stopped working.
Upon inspection, the PB connector is burned, black and melted.

I contacted support and they asked that I send back both the PB and motherboard.
Anyone else had this experience?

I print at 95C, always disconnect PB and extruder at the end of a print (it's in my print settings) and have used about two spools of ABS.

Anybody else experienced this?"

The culprit with these cases is generally a connector to the printer hot-bed that is loosened from shipping. In some cases, simply reseating the connector will help, but many users will require a new bed heater to resolve the problem.

The number of users experiencing the problem is very limited at the moment, but watch out for the problem.

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