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Oct. 31, 2012
Taulman; announced today the taulman 618 Nylon material is available for sale and first orders will begin shipping Nov 12th. This taulman's "618" high strength nylon line is specifically engineered for 3D printing.

  • Specifications:
    • Size = 3mm Diameter +/- .1mm
    • Color = Natural - Prints as a base pure white with a translucent surface. Add color with most acid based dyes.
    • Temperature = 235C to 280C - Part/Speed dependent. 240C-250C is best for most parts at average printing speeds.
    • Co-Polymer = 4-Station-Drawn and Extruded "3D Printing Specific" Nylon based co-polymer. Specifically designed for 3D Printing applications where excellent surface bonding, reduced water absorption, tear resistance and dye absorption are combined in an easy-to-print 3mm line.
    • With a visual and tactile surface quality 2nd to none. Parts 3D Printed with taulman 618 Nylon will be instantly recognizable as Nylon rather than any other plastic.
    • Chemically resistance to = Alcohols, Resins+MEK, Oils, Acetone, Most all Alkaline, most 2 part Casting Compounds.


Comments: by Kendall

Since ABS appears to extrude on the low temperature set point, with our present SD2's hot end extruder, this might take us up to our limits on the high temperature end. Note ->; Supporters are pointing out; the thermistor is measuring the temp at where it is located, not the actual melt, so it is a good possible 'MAYBE' right now, in my opinion. My bet, experimenters will find a work-around to stay below the temperature damage level (of our PEEK component), and Nylon 618 will become something on our shelf in the near future.

Fortunately & Un-Fortunately; it is being released in 3mm diameter only, but this will give us some time to evaluate how it preforms on 'Brand X' printers, while awaiting our turn…

Enjoy the coolness of the day!

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