Motherboard Replacement

The Motherboard of the Solidoodle can can be replaced very easily. If you suspect that you may be having mother board problems, contact moc.eldoodilos|troppus#moc.eldoodilos|troppus to confirm. This tutorial refers to Solidoodle's version of the Sanguinololu mother board.


Step 1:

Disconnect all leads from the Solidoodle 3D Printer. Most wires are connected via easily removed quick connect ties. To remove these, simply apply pressure and pull.

Step 2:

Remove the bolts from the Solidoodle mother board. The bolts are easily remove with your thumb, or the proper 2.5 mm hex driver. Be wary - the Solidoodle is only held on via the force of these bolts. If it is no longer plugged in to the connectors, it may come loose.

Your Solidoodle should look like this now:
Installing the new Board

Step 3:

Prepare the parts. You will need these parts to install a new Solidoodle motherboard. Some of these parts can be recovered from the old motherboard set-up.

Step 4:

Thread the screws through the acrylic cover, through the spacers, and through the board.


Step 5:

Use a 2.5 mm Hex driver to screw the motherboard on to the body of the Solidoodle.


Step 6:

Connect the heated bed, and thermistors. Notice that the heated bed has two connectors BH and TH (Bed heat and tip heat) which line up to the bottom motherboard slots. These are marked clearly on the silk screen. The notation on the thermistor connectors (white) is BT and TH. There are marking on the board itself which distinguish the correct connections for the Bed and Thermistor.

The arrangement of the connectors on the bottom of the board. top.jpg

The arrangement of the connectors on the top of the board.

Step 7:

Next, you will need to reconnect the Solidoodle power supply. Do not attempt this unless you feel comfortable with electronics, as you must be very careful while working with the power supply. It is vital that you do not work with the power supply while it is connected to a wall outlet. Disconnect it from the wall, and give it several minutes for the electricity to dissipate.
You may want to ground the power supply leads against a surface to establish that the power has discharged. Here is a photo of a user discharging the power supply against the side of the Solidoodle. A small screwdriver would be just as effective. Be extremely cautious when doing this.


Step 8:

Install the power supply by pushing the leads (red on top, black on bottom) in to the green screw terminal. Make sure to tighten the leads in to place.


You have now installed the power supply!

For your reference, here is a photo of the entire motherboard with each cable connected below.

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