How to Print

Here are some general printing guidelines:
This section will serve as an adendum to the how-2 sections of the website found at:
While these are the *official* documents, there is much more learned knowledge around the printer. If you are still having trouble using the printer after the official documentation has been exhausted, this may be the page for you.
1. Plug in printer
At the moment the printer does not have an On/Off Switch. It is best for you to simply plug the printer into a wall outlet and directly into the USB port of the computer.

2. Open software
For more specifics on this check out the Software Page. There are few options for software, but the time being we will focus on the Default software package including Pronterface and Skeinforge.
Open up the Solidoodle software folder.
Click on Pronterface.Py

3. Print!
Open an STL File.
Hit Print, and Enjoy!

To demonstrate this quick start up, we shall link a video of a user doing his first print:


Now that we covered the very basics, lets educate ourselves more deeply on the art of 3D printing. We will be covering the same topics covered in previous tutorials, but this time we will speak about each topic in greater depth.

The first stop to understanding printing is to familiarize yourself with the Print Cycle.

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