Getting Started

Quick Start

  1. Install Software
  2. Install Filament
  3. First Print
  4. Solidoodle Printing Guidelines

Full Setup and Calibration

  1. Install Software
  2. Install Filament
  3. Heat Bed to 90
  4. Test X-Axis
  5. Test Y-Axis
  6. Test Z-Axis & Adjust Z offset screw using paper method
  7. Head Extruder to 190
  8. Calibrate Extruder
  9. Print a thumbscrew and lightly test that will screw over one of the bed leveling screws from the bottom. If so, print 2 more and use a small amount of super glue in the thumbscrew and attach them to each of the bed leveling posts (do this lightly to minimize the head of the screw turning). Wait until the glue is dry before continuing with Bed Leveling
  10. Level the bed
    1. Paper method
    2. Dial Indicator
  11. Visit Modifications to find other upgrades to print
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