Getting Prints To Stick To The Build Platform

Getting Prints To Stick To The Build Platform

From time to time users have challenges with prints not sticking to their platforms. While this may be alarming at first, it is perfectly normal and easily fixed. Generally speaking the problem can be alleviated by performing the following procedures correctly.

1) Increasing your Bed Temperature

The sole purpose of the Solidoodle heated bed is to assist your prints in sticking. Often users will set their bed temperature too low. Prints with a larger base are more prone to error. Make sure your bed has been set to 85C or above for the best results.

2) Leveling the Print Bed

This tutorial will help guide you through the leveling process. Having a level print bed will ensure a great first layer. Even print beds will reduce the risk of the extruder nozzle scraping against the print, which could knock it off the platform otherwise. There are great examples of good/bad first layers located here

3) Calibrating the Z Limit Switch

The Z-Offset is the best way to produce a wonderful first layer. This is the start of a great first print.This tutorial should help you get started.

4) Buff your Kapton Square

By gently buffing the Kapton on the heated build platform, you may create an extra "grip" for your print. It is a good idea to acquire sand paper with a grit rating of '60'. Once you have finished sanding, you should wipe the build platform with a damp cloth to clean all the sanded dust off. Once complete, run a "test print job" to see if it sticks. If it does not stick, repeat the buffing process one more time.

5) Wipe down your Kapton with acetone

Take an equally clean rag or towel and soak it in acetone. Make sure your heated build platform is cool to the touch. Next, vigorously wipe your Kapton square until the surface has been completely wiped and clean. You should wipe for approximately 30 seconds. Finally, raise the heated build platform to temperature and start printing.

If you follow all 5 of these steps, you will be more successful in the sticking of your prints. If you are still experiencing challenges or have any questions, please contact support.
support [at] solidoodle . com

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