Fixing Your Limit Switches

Testing and Fixing your limit switches

If any part of your printer will only move in one direction, the usual suspect is a break in the end-stop (limit switch) circuit. The 3 main causes are:

  1. A connector not being seated properly on the motherboard
  2. A wiring issue in the connector for the motherboard.
  3. A bad/broken limit switch (very unlikely)

Before doing any testing, make sure all of your limit switches are properly seated on the motherboard. If one limit switch, usually X or Z is situated improperly, replace switch in

Properly Seated


Improperly Seated


If you've got a multimeter, follow the directions in the next section. Otherwise scroll down to "Testing Without a Multimeter."

Multimeter Testing

  1. Grab your your multimeter and set it to the diode symbol. This setting tests whether a circuit is open or closed.
  2. Disconnect the offending limit switch from the motherboard
  3. Using the probes from your multimeter, test the outer contact points on the connector.
  4. If you read an open circuit (no response from multimeter readout), press wires back into connector with a small flat heat screwdriver.
  5. Test for closed circuit again. If the multimeter reads a closed circuit, reconnect the limit switch to your motherboard and test all directions again. If you are still having issues, or the multimeter is still reading open circuit, contact moc.eldoodilos|troppus#moc.eldoodilos|troppus.

Testing Without a Multimeter

  1. On the motherboard, swap the limit switches from offending direction with limit switch from a working direction. e.g. If you can only move one direction in X, disconnect the X limit switch and connect the Y limit switch to the X location. Now try moving X in both directions, but DO NOT PRESS HOME!
  2. Disconnect offending limit switch from motherboard and press wire back into connector with a small flat heat screwdriver.
  3. Replace all limit switches and test all directions again. If you still cannot move in all directions, contact moc.eldoodilos|troppus#moc.eldoodilos|troppus.
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