Filament Statistics
Overall Statistics:
Average Cost 4.27 cents/g
Average Cost 10.64 cents/m (or cents/1000mm)
Average weight of filament on a spool 1.006 kg
Average length of filament on a spool 404.3 m

To test out our filament, we printed cubes measuring 3cm3 at 20% infill using our Solidoodle Green filament. These are the same cubes used to find out more about infill.

The Spools

On average, filament will cost around 4.27 cents/g. After measuring some of the filament from our store, we found that each spool has a little more than a kilogram of filament.

Color Full Spool Weight Weight of Only Filament
White 0.919 0.911
White 1.081 1.073
White 0.962 0.954
Red 0.988 0.980
Red 0.967 0.959
Red 1.027 1.019
Brown 1.062 1.062
Yellow 1.074 1.074
Purple 1.019 1.019
Orange 1.026 1.026
Gray 0.991 0.991

Note that the white and red filament comes on white spools that weigh 0.008 kg when empty, while the other colors are on black spools that weigh 0.216 kg when empty.

With these data, we get an average weight of 1.006 kilograms, with a standard deviation of 0.0528.

The Prints

Infill Length (mm) Weight (g)
Rectalinear 2649.6 6.55
Line 2563.9 6.35
Concentric 2659.3 6.6
Honeycomb 2992.6 7.45
Hilbert Curve 2422.6 6.0
Archimedean Curves 2427.1 6.0
Octagram Spiral 1935.6 4.85
None 769.0 1.95

Using these data, we calculated the average density of our green filament to be 2.49 g/m (with a standard deviation of 0.0220). This means for one of our 1.006 kg spools, you get over 404 meters of filament!

At 4.27 cents/g and 2.49 g/m, our filament costs a total of 10.64 cents per meter or every 1000 mm (note that we only rounded at the end of the calculation).

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