Our ABS filament costs $43 for a 2-lb spool. This will keep you printing for a long time. For example, the Yoda on our Gallery Page is about 3″ wide and costs about USD 40 cents to print. With one spool of filament, you could print over 100 of these.

The most important numbers are listed below. Read here to see how we got these numbers.

Overall Statistics:
Average Cost 4.27 cents/g
Average Cost 10.64 cents/m (or cents/1000mm)
Average weight of filament on a spool 1.006 kg
Average length of filament on a spool 404.3 m

To get an idea of how much your own models will cost, you first need to figure out how much filament your model will use. This depends in large part on your infill settings. A chart comparing different infills is listed below, but see our infill page for a more in-depth discussion on how infill affects your printing process and cost.

Once you have picked your infill and sliced your model, Slic3r will calculate how much filament your print will use. You can find this information listed at the very end of the gcode it generates. Combined with the information above, you can figure out how much your print should cost. Make sure, however, that your extruder is well-calibrated using the extruder calibration page if you plan on using this method to calculate the cost of your print.

You can also simply measure your print, after it has been printed, and calculate the cost using the values listed above.

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