Company History

Solidoodle was found in the fall of 2011 by Sam Cervantes.

The Solidoodle Story

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you dream it, you can become it.” —William Arthur Ward

In an era of venture capital and massive marketing budgets, Solidoodle was started with Sam Cervantes’ savings account and the dream of creating the next big thing— an easy to use 3D printer that would for the first time make 3D printers affordable enough that the small businesses, educators, and homeowners could integrate 3D printing into their lives.

Technology is a great democratizing force; just as the personal computer allowed people to create documents in a manner they never had before, and the Internet changed the face of commerce by allowing people to directly connect with sellers in multiple ways, 3D printing allows individuals to become their own manufacturer—designing and creating items that they for their everyday lives. Whether it is a parent completing a model with their child or an architect designing a model for their client, 3D printing allows them to do this directly.

Up to this point 3D printers were out of reach to the average consumer, starting at $2000 a piece for a fully-assembled plug-n-play printer. So Solidoodle started from scratch to design a printer that would meet the demands of the majority of consumers.

Solidoodle invested heavily in high quality design and manufacturing. Now their product has become a sensation, as people line up to meet the first printer that combines high quality at a reasonable price.

Recent Events

The Solidoodle 2 was released in April of 2012 to great acclaim. With its larger build surface, and smaller price, the Solidoodle 2 has been taking the 3D printer market by storm. Solidoodle has continued to refine its design, and in the months since the initial release of the Solidoodle2, there have been many design improvements made to better the survivability and reliability of the world's most affordable steel printer.

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