Atmega Chip Replacement

Some users elect to switch out their standard ATmega644 chip for a somewhat nicer ATmega1280 chip. This can help if you'd like to upgrade the Solidoodle and include a SD card reader.

If you've never installed a micro controller before, this may seem a bit daunting, but it is actually quite simple.

Before beginning, remove the USB and power cables from your printer.

First Remove the ATMega644 Chip
Pull the chip from the board from the sides, keeping fingers away from the pins. Chips are inserted into the board with some force, so you may need to use an object to "wedge" the chip out from the board.

Here is the process with an Arduino

Here is the same process with our Sanguinolulu board:
*video here*

Insert new ATmega Chip

Weather or not you are simply replacing the 644 or inserting an ATmega 1288 chip, the process will be the same:

Align the chip with the proper pins.

  • picture here*

Insert with sufficient Pressure
*picture here*
*video here*

That's all there is to it!

Be careful not to let any metal objects connect terminals on the board.

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