Prints that do not stick to the build platform

Prints that do not stick to the build platform

From time to time users have issues dealing with prints not sticking to their platforms. While this may be alarming at first, it is perfectly normal and easily fixed. Generally speaking the problem is caused by one of two issues.

1) Insufficient Bed Temperature
The sole purpose of the Solidoodle heated bed is help your prints stick. Often users will set their bed temperature too low, or the recommended bed temperature will simply be insufficient for the given print. Prints with a larger base are more prone to error. Turn up your bed heater to 85C for the best results.

2) Improperly Calibrated Z Limit Switch

This tutorial should help you get started. Often, the Z tab will be knocked out of calibration by exuberant shipping companies.

You could also try leveling your print bed: Leveling the Print Bed having a level print bed will ensure that the nozzle on your extruder passes evenly over the object being printed, this way there are no regions that are higher than others. Even print beds will reduce the risk of the extruder nozzle scraping against the print, which could knock it off the paltform otherwise.

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